Immune Defence- Is It Right Supplement for Coronavirus?

Immune Defence- Is It Right Supplement for Coronavirus?

Ever since Coronavirus is started spreading, different health concerns have been established about how to boost the immune system.

The recent pandemic unleashed the bad toll on human lives where it neatly caused thousands of deaths in a single day.

The rate of deaths caused by Coronavirus is still increasing and we need to flatten that curve. 

We are going to provide a solid review of complete immune system support which people are referring to as Immune Defence (Not Defense).

Let’s take a brief look at how the world is being affected by a single pandemic disease first occurred in China in 2020.  

About Coronavirus, Symptoms, and Treatments

Coronavirus disease is caused by the Coronaviruses which are of two different strains, SARS and MERS. COVID-19 is the latest term used for Coronavirus disease where it weakened the person’s immune response towards fever and cold. 

As a result, the victims of coronavirus disease are having problems with a weak immune system and losing their lives at a faster rate. 

Coronavirus Symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, cold and flu which may get serious with every day passes.

There are precautions we all must take for the spread of this deadly disease or we can use the immune boosters for now. 

Coronavirus Disease Precautions

  1. Self-isolation is the latest precautionary measure for Coronavirus disease spread as it demands people to stay at home until any effective treatment is made. For now, coronavirus does not have any cure, however, if you know the symptoms very well you can take care of a person by treating his symptoms. 
  2. Maintaining social distance is another way to stop the spread of Coronavirus. The disease is actually spread by the air droplets passed from an infected person in a form of sneeze or cough. It cannot be transferred via breathing droplets which are entirely different though. 
  3. It is said to cover your face and nose while sneezing or coughing, or simply do the dab style with your elbow area covering the mouth. Wearing masks and using hand sanitizers is considered a healthy activity against coronavirus spread. 

Known Treatments for Coronavirus

There are no known treatments like vaccines for coronavirus and it is making people losing their minds.

The current pandemic condition is causing chaos in different civilizations as we can see and those who are controlling the symptoms are the ones getting away with it. 

What is Immune Defence?

Immune Defence is an immune system enhancer that supplies a daily dose of Zinc, Vitamin A, C and E along with other natural ingredients.

These are sweet flavorful aniseed lozenges that taste great and supply you a daily dose of Zinc ions. 

The product is mainly effective against cold and flu which are generally enlisted in the coronavirus symptoms. 

But does it mean it can treat Coronavirus? Immune Defence works like a charm if you are only using it for getting the most of your immune system, the product delivers some remarkable immunity-boosting nutrients which plays an important role to and can become a supplement for Coronavirus in not so long time. 

How Does It Work?

According to the company that makes Immune Defence, it’s a soothing aniseed-flavored lozenge that feels pain and soreness eradicating at the back of the throat.

The common cold and flu are caused due to the weakened immune system for which the daily dose of Zinc and Vitamin C is essential. 

As you can see the Immune Defence supplement contains two other types of ingredients which are rosehip powder and acerole extract.

Why they have added ingredients other than zinc gluconate and Vitamin C? The question to be answered. 

The basic concept of the Immune Defence is to re-energize the immune system and its affinity with covering the symptoms of extreme cough, flu, and body ache.

Zinc is being under many clinical trials recently to help people find the perfect treatment for Coronavirus which may or may not include the trace mineral. 

Who Can Use Immune Defence?

Those adults and children who are above the age of 12 can use Immune Defence food supplements. These are also for the people who catch a cold and flu very frequently and under the outbreak of the coronavirus who wants to treat the symptoms of Cold. They are zinc lozenges so anything serious wouldn’t be expected from them. 

Immune Defence Ingredients

We are under the impression that Zinc Gluconate in the Immune Defence formula is mixed with two other ingredients which we are going to discuss shortly. 

  • Zinc

Zinc is crucial for helping the immune system fight against infection. And studies have shown near to a 50% reduction in duration of cold symptoms in volunteers taking zinc lozenges.

  • Rosehip Powder

Those who consume rosehip supplement gets a rich source of Vitamin C, the ratio of Vitamin C content is 2000 mg in per 100 g dried product.

Needless to say, Rosehip powder helps in reducing the symptoms of knee and hip arthritis and it also facilitates the immune system with the outstanding immune response against normal cough and fever.

You can also use it for aiding the digestion and for a faster metabolism. 

  • Acerola Extract

Acerola is most renowned for being extremely rich in vitamin C. Because of this, it’s often used to help with or prevent colds or flu. It’s also used as an antioxidant nutrient which can be thought of as beneficial for Coronavirus disease after-effects. 

 Other uses of acerola include:· Antidepressant, antifungal, athletic endurance, diarrhea, dysentery, skin astringent (cream).

Immune Defence Advantages

Any zinc supplementation can yield many immune-boosting benefits which we can also expect from the Immune Defence products.

These are the proven immune support from natural ingredients which contributes to making the immune system stronger and less prone to the diseases. 

Here are the 6 benefits you could get by using Immune Defence. 

  1. Immune Defence delivers anti-viral defense which can be used to control during cold and flu season. The supplement ensures that your body is getting an adequate amount of Zinc and Vitamins that could save you from the seasonal illness, or might overcome the starting symptoms for COVID-19. 
  • Immune Defence is known to reduce the duration in which you experience the dreadful symptoms of a cold. In many studies where Zinc is noticed as an immunity booster, it also helped to reduce the symptoms of a cold by 50%. Using zinc lozenges can recover from cold faster than cough medications. 
  • Immune Defence provides extra care to your immune system at the time of distress, a weakened immune system is a sign of a temple of a disease that can be put down anytime. To fight against the active pathogens, infections, and viruses, Immune Defence somehow manages to lower down the stress level in the users. 
  • Immune Defence provides perpetual and safe support to your family who is susceptible to cold and flu. the elderly are particularly prone to zinc deficiency, meaning their immune systems are at higher risk. Immune Defence zinc lozenges are suitable for adults and children over the age of 12, so you can protect the health and wellbeing of your whole family.
  • Lastly, Immune Defence is for people who spend more time spending in front of Desktop computers. Their daily requirements for Zinc and Vitamin C are more than normal users so it’s another immune system support on the go. 

Can you find the Immune Defence supplement at Amazon?

The official website of Immune Defence is considered the only place you could buy it from. It’s not available at Amazon or even GNC if you are peeping around.

You could buy the supplement in bulk from the official website in a way more discounted price that you may want to consider choosing. 

What other benefits would you get by purchasing Immune Defence from official dealers?

100 Days Money Back Guarantee

The company ensures its product is up to the mark in lowering the cold and flu symptoms and get on their commitment.

The company makes the best Zinc lozenges in the entire northern hemisphere and their quality standards are way professional than gimmicks. 

This is why they are offering 100 days money-back guarantee to all the unsatisfied customers which can be used by simply returning the unused bottles within 100 days.

This will exclude the shipping charges and delivers your cash right away. You can see more instructions about customer care service at apply to purchases of over one month’s supply.

Final Verdict

Most of us are going through a rough time, the entire world is affected by the shades of Coronavirus and it’s a mess! In such times, we cannot rely on the drugs which are unknown and to be used by God Knows who. 

Immune Defence as we can clearly see has a lot of reasons to purchase. 

  • It’s vegan friendly
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Premium quality
  • UK Made

I think those point suffixes about the great zinc supplement that provides shelter from Coronavirus symptoms which are mostly flu-related.

In these times, the best medication you could get is those that control the fever, cold, flu and shortness of breath. 

More news on Coronavirus is yet to be delivered as many more cases are emerging around the world. Stay safe, stay indoors!